Week 31 - casting and cleansing

belly happening:
had a great baby yoga session today... and i am looking forward to continuing my practice with a partnered yoga session at my home :)  since i have now moved i have been enjoying many baths in a big soaking tub...i especially love them with alan *big smile*.  they are the absolute BEST!!!  i look forward to having this as an option during the labor process. 

last night a girl friend of mine came over to burn some sage and cleanse the house of the past and cast my belly.  it was a beautiful moment full of laughter!  i look forward to watching it evolve into something spiritual to reconnect with and remember these moments.  thank you so much to that special friend...you know who you are!


Week 30 ~ Day 5 - pregnant avatar

belly happenings:
life has been so super busy with moving and unpacking.....whew! i really would be happy not to move for a while.  i did manage to get gavin's room cleared out so it can be cleaned and begin to be transformed....i really should say all the strong men did...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HELP!!!!  this past week was so busy with packing and baby classes.  Many things to look forward to this week...
  • monday: baby yoga
  • tuesday: baby class
  • saturday: maternity photos
  • sunday: partner yoga & baby shower
then some well deserved down time i hope for a while :)

here is a fun photo of my online avatar who is also pregnant....poor thing i think she is going on a year lol...thinking she needs to birth the little one...she does look good for a year a must say :)


Week 30 ~ dirty thirties

Welcome the 
Dirty Thirties 
as some bumpies refer to it

in celebration here is a photo taken in the bathroom via cellphone :)

exciting happenings this week...
  • monday: baby yoga
  • tuesday: doctors appointment to meet final doctor, baby class
  • wednesday: breastfeeding class
  • ....packing and moving this weekend!


Week 29 - Day 4 ~ to immunize or not to...that is the question

belly happenings:

just finished some kick counts for the day to check in with the little one...it is amazing how you can pass a whole day by not being conscience of what is growing inside and then all of a sudden wonder what they are up to!  it was great to check in and think about him :)  alan and i were very busy yesterday meeting some midwives/doulas and attending our first baby class.  we are still continuing our journey in discovering what is best for us and gavin as a birthing experience.  both interviews were very informative and have left us with still more topics for discussion in the future.  we also have a documentary to watch about the medias role in the view of birthing called... 

our first baby class was full of new faces and interesting conversation.  alan has now learned and share the correct placement of the rectum with the class so i think we made a statement....lol, and we had the opportunity to discuss side effects and risks with pregnancy.  the class ended with some deep relaxation.  all in all it was just nice to see other mothers and families preparing for their big adventure.

these past few days i have been nauseous and my tummy is not happy.  nothing new and exciting in my diet though i think it could just be related to gavin growing and everything shifting inside me.  i need to be more conscience of small frequent meals and nothing too heavy.  milk is still a favorite!

recently alan and i have been discussing pediatricians and immunizations. there is just so much to think about.  our journey to identify the need to immunize gavin will start with a presentation on frontline called The Vaccine War.  why don't you watch it too and let us know what you think :)  


Week 29 - Day 2 ~ purchase furniture check

belly happenings:
  • how does time fly by so fast...gosh just about at 30 weeks.  gavin will be here so soon and i can't wait!  alan is off on an adventure and hopefully comes home today pending weather.  i miss him so much and can't wait to hold him.  though i must say with skype life and separation is much better...at least i can see him.
  • so i have been enjoying all the belly love from friends, co-workers, and little children.  gavin is quiet a popular person.  mom and i headed out to find some furniture yesterday and came home with a set purchased by Pali an Italian originated company.  i just love the set very simple lines and great to grow with gavin.  gosh he will have better furniture then alan and i lol.  now i have to decide on some bedding and curtains....the search begins :)
  • tonight is baby yoga and tomorrow alan and i start our 5-week baby classes.  the time is getting close for us to meet this little man living in my belly.  something tells me my life will change forever.....!