Week 23 - Day 2 ~ a special room for gavin

belly happenings:

gosh i have felt so much growing and stretching down there this week...also many moments of movement and occasionally kicks on the outside.  at lease i think that is what they are.  really it is such an unusual feeling...almost like gas in the middle of your stomach lol.  either way something is going on in there.  it is so hard to not wonder what gavin is doing in there.  i know that around this time they sleep 12-16 hours a day...wow!  but they are using so much energy with all their movements and growth.  today i dropped off all my paper work from work to the dr office.  this way my maternity leave is all up and ready to go.  i get 8 weeks to use my sick day but can take 12 weeks off (4 unpaid).  most likely i will go back so i can finish the year.  depending of course on the little one and if i can actually let go....giggles....but alas alan will be there to support any choice i have :)


the other day i was craving red meat like crazy....yum had a burger to solve that craving.  though i must say i have also been really love love loving sweets lately....candy mostly.  i think i am craving going to the movie theater just to get candy and yes another naughty (diet coke).  i've only had two since i got pregnant but let me tell you they hit the spot. smirks!!!  still working the large consumption of milk and oj.  gosh what will it feel like to eat normal again....not too much longer....but im not thinking of him coming out yet.  honestly i can protect him in there :)


so i have been really excited about the prospect of creating a very special place for gavin.  too bad creating a black gothic inspired baby room may be perceived as well morbid....giggles!  i think i would really enjoy yellow, gray, and black...similar to the pack and play.  nothing too overwelming but i need a little black ;)  i was also thinking about where gavin will sleep the first few months.  i've read numerous articles about cribs and how early on any kind of bumpers and or supports are not considered safe....some do mention the use of breathable bumpers but i need to research them more.  realistically gavin won't be rolling initially.  after some research i noted that many on thebump and other chat boards like to use the fisherprice newborn rock and play sleeper.  i also have an old school wooden newborn crib that i slept in my first few months of life or there is also the pack and play which has an upper section ofter used for sleeping.  too many decisions!!!  i will wait until the time comes...for now i will organize and decorate by integrating components of alan and myself.  smiles....i feel so lucky.  


Week 22 - Day 4 ~ happy turkey day


belly happenings:

how life just passes by...i really can't believe that this little one has been living inside of me for almost six months.  how amazing the body is.  i feel him move more often on the inside and did actually feel him for the first time on the outside last saturday.  i was sitting at a show/theater performance and all of a sudden i felt it right near my belly button.  my hands just happen to be there ;)  

right now alan and i are preparing for a big move back to my parents to save some money.  things are all disheveled around the house so it is pretty hectic.  we hope to get everything out this weekend...and yes we will be back to eating out of a fridge without a stove :(  so much for cooking!!!  

i also replaced my belly ring this past week since the one i currently had did not work for me...it was not bendable enough according to the nurse.  this new one feels really good and does bend with my body better...it appears to be made out of plastic tubing.  very interesting!


well today there will be many yummy things to eat.....licks lips.  as for over all eating the only new craving is coffee!  alan loves it and the smell drives me wild so i have started drinking decaf with him.  a bit funny since i didn't drink coffee pre pregnancy...smirks.  as for weight i have appeared to hit the 18 pound mark and gosh can i feel it when i carry this belly around.  i look unmistakingly pregnant now and often have people asking about gavin or touching him lol.  i'm not bothered by people randomly touching...i think it makes gavin feel loved! 


well i have called to register for "baby classes" so that is exciting.  one is a birth prep class held for 5 weeks one night a week for 2.5 hours.  i hope not to snooze as it does not end until 9:30pm.  another is to learn about breastfeeding and the last about newborns and caring for them.  they will all be held between january and february.  hopefully alan and i can put away some money to move out before gavin enters the world.  that is our hope!  a friend suggested this really fun site called shape collage...you can download the program to use with your photos...check mine out!



Week 21 - Day 2 ~ counting kicks keeps the doctor away

belly happenings:

it has been way too long....i need to keep on top of this.  it just seems like time is passing by so fast.  so little mr gavin has decided to take a walk on the wild side...he has moved over to the left side after residing on the right for almost my whole pregnancy.  i can feel him move more and more but only on the inside....still waiting to feel those kicks on the outside.   the other day we received his very cool swing in the mail via registry...thank you to those who contributed.  it is really the cutest thing!!!  i wish i could cuddle up in it and sleep in it...take a look!

in addition, i had a dr appointment the other day and all is doing well.  so awesome to hear that little heartbeat going a mile a minute.....smiles i think im in love!


gosh what haven't i been eating.  my eating is all over the place.  i have been craving sliced turkey on sandwiches.  gosh i just am loving it!!!  also continuing with the milk trend....actually going to grab some now.  unfortunately, my sweet tooth has been active.  not really baked treats more like candy.....gummies....etc.  loving lollipops...yum tootsie pops.  probably should stop the madness before it all sticks to me and i end up with numerous cavities.  i do have an appointment scheduled for next week....we will see.   


so i have been reading lots about counting kicks of your baby lately.  this seems to be a popular way to keep track of the baby as it grows.  the american pregnancy association  states that scientific studies  indicate that kick counting, a daily record of moms' perception of their baby's movement during the third trimester, is a reliable, harmless, simple and effective screening for the baby's well being.  

the question is how do you count the kicks.....well they say to note the time it takes for the baby to make 10 movements at its most active time a day.  movements include kicks, jabs, rolls, twists, and turns.  typically healthy babies should complete ten movements within two hours and most babies achieve this in less then 15 minutes.  if something changes in the patterns you should notify your healthcare provider.  

For more information you can check out the baby kick site or for a great resource from the doulas care site you can save this pdf called baby kick alliance and download your very own chart to keep track of kicks during your third trimester....this is an awesome think to print off and keep on your fridge!


Week 20 - Day 1 ~ the ever changing skin

belly happenings:

wow i cannot believe it is 5 months....gosh time flies when you are having fun!  i'm feeling great and my belly is growing rapidly every day.  it is amazing to watch as it expands and stretches.  as for the weight it is beginning to come on more rapidly.  the itchies are still going strong but the body bars from lush have been quiet helpful though they do hold a strong odor.  i recently broke down and applied for a gap card since well...you can't beat the 20% off and the offers...love some of their baby clothes.  as for maternity wear i just purchased a belly band from target in hopes of wearing some of my pants for the winter instead of spending money on maternity pants.  today i have felt gavin more then usual?  it is trully amazing to feel him moving inside me.  gosh im sure i should enjoy this while i can before he starts to kick me all the time lol.


made some yummy mushroom barley soup this weekend which helped with the cold....gosh it is chilly and been raining for ever it feels like.  looking forward to it stoping this week.  also tried out some corn muffins in an old cast iron pan - they were super good.  and caped of the weekend with some cookies. really how can it get any better.  lately i have been craving candy and sweets...hum....little boy in there must have a sweet tooth like his dad. 


so i have been trying to think of an interesting topic....hum....
so recently i have been reading about various changes that can happen to your skin during pregnancy
for instance the flaky itchiness i cannot seem to get away from ( i feel like i should do a product test lol)
anywho alan and I were googling some info and found some great information on the american pregnancy association page that i have inserted here....check out there site. Here are a couple they speak of but check out the site for many more.

Dry Itchy Abdomen:
As your beautiful belly grows, your skin stretches and tightens. This causes very uncomfortable dryness and itching. If you begin to experience severe itching late in your pregnancy, possibly accompanied by nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue and possibly jaundice, you should contact your doctor. What can I do? To help alleviate your dry itchy abdomen, you should keep your abdomen moisturized. You can also use anti-itch cream such as calamine lotion to help provide more relief. Try taking a nice oatmeal bath to help relieve some of the discomfort.

Linea Nigra:
Linea nigra is the dark line that runs from your navel to your pubic bone. This is a line that may have always been there, but you may have never noticed it before because it was a light color. During pregnancy this line darkens and is possibly caused by the imbalance in hormones. It usually appears around the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy. What can I do? There is nothing you can do to prevent this from happening, but after your pregnancy this line will fade.

***also i have added some of my favorite shopping sites to the section on the right side...check them out!


Week 19 - Day 4 ~ drinking milk and pumping milk

belly happenings:

so lets see again it has been a while...i have been super busy with work and alan getting on a new work schedule.  everything is doing good on this end.  i have another appointment in a couple weeks and i have to schedule another ultrasound for somewhere between 24-28 weeks because gavin was holding urine in his kidneys...which apparently is very common in boys especially.  so they will check it out again at that time.  it will be really exciting to see an ultrasound when he is that big!  i have been walking about every other day which feels really good and i also attend baby yoga once a week which is fabulous!  love baby yoga and so does gavin :)

eating is still just plugging along...no big cravings except for the usual milk!   Yum i love milk really any dairy.  recently cottage cheese has tasted yummy as well.  it is starting to get cold here so i am hoping to make some soup this weekend to help get the chill out.  debating the use of the heat or not.  still a bit on the fence.  it makes me really stuffy so i may invest or borrow a humidifier.  some say that will help with the stuffiness....maybe it will help with the extreme itchiness!!!  i seriously apply cream on my belly and breasts twice a night...i wake up itchy LOL.  gosh and my books say it will only continue and possibly get worse.


so i have been doing research lately on breast pumps.  i want to breast feed though of course sometimes things don't work out the way you want....but alas that is the plan.  i am looking forward to it.  my hospital offers breast feeding support groups once a week which i heard was fantastic.  i do want alan to be a part of feeding the baby too so pumping would be a great way to do that.  not to mention if we need to leave the child with someone for a couple hours.  so alas i entered the world of breast pumps.  i figured i would be best with an electric one as i heard the hand pumps can be quite difficult and frustrating.  i really want to try and make this the least frustrating experience.  of course they best of the best is also the most expensive *smirks* no big surprise there!!! so i decided to go with the medela in style breast pump.  that is the one that comes with  the shoulder bag.  They are pricey sitting at 279.99 at TRU (toys are us).  I decided to buy one from someone and exchange the tubes which from talking to other moms is a great way to do it.  some hospitals will provide hand pumps for free and others rent ones.  you can also check with your insurance sometimes they provide a discount if you purchase one maybe $100 off is what i heard about blue cross blue shield.  my insurance didn't offer any incentive.  by the way....my breast will suddenly have sharp pains in them and get really hard in the nipple area.  i have learned that this is my milk ducts forming.....some ladies at this stage are already leaking....let the fun begin!