Week 14 - Day 1 ~ how will i sling you

belly happenings:

since i always talk about everything in this section i changed the title :)  i cannot believe it has been a whole week...gosh.  i need to get on top of my game.  this week has been great!  i feel wonderful...a little indigestion last night...nothing some tums couldn't fix :)  i have pretty much finished telling all the family and my close friends and coworkers...and everyone is super excited.  im also getting ready to move which has consumed most of my time.  on mondays i began attending a prenatal yoga class which i just adore...both the instructor and the well deserved time to focus and be in the moment.  if only i could do that at night when i wake hourly and my mind is racing lol


lucky for me my mother can't help but cook for alan and i...giggles.  if it wasn't for her our diets would be limited :)  last night she made some mashed potatoes and chicken we supplemented some lettuce it was yummy.  looking forward to some cereal this morning...im starting to really enjoy milk....looks down at belly....or someone is in there :)  


lets talk slings....please offer me any information you have as there are just so many choices.  i heard about a code on thebumb site for a new company making slings called seven slings... they normally go for $40 but with the promo code you type in (babies) you can get it for shipping and change insurance - for size changing.  comes to $15ish...i figured why not try it for that price

black of course....they have other options
here are some other brands i have checked out and reviewed...


BabyBjorn City
more of a carrier...good for alan i thought
recommended by a friend


you could also sew your own baby sling which i may try.....
could be a fun timecheck out this site homemade baby slings


Week 13 - Day 1 ~ Gwen Stefani makes baby shoes really!

how am i feeling:

everything is all good on this end...slowly working on telling the family and co-workers!  it is all going well...everyone is super happy and offering advise.  some are guessing the sex of the baby....others are convinced we should not find out and be surprised.  i am so unsure about what we are going to do.   alan doesn't care and says it is up to me...arrggg  i am not sure lol always indecisive.  lucky for me we don't need to think about it until the end of october.  anyone have any suggestions here???


lets see i have been working on small meals frequently sort of lol...this morning i started with a small bowl of cereal before heading to the gym for a 4 mile walk.  afterwards ate a small piece of toast with butter and strawberry jam.  mid morning snack some carrots and half of a granola bar....then lunch the other half and small yogurt and a nectarine.  mid afternoon a small bag of smart food....yummy! so cheesy :)  dinner tonight a few leftover raviolis and some lettuce.  alan did force me to head out to dairy queen for a treat.  he implied that he needed an ice cream to make him feel happy as he was feeling like he was getting sick lol apparently when he was a child ice cream made him better when he was sick.  i had a small vanilla with colored sprinkles :) yay!


got into a silly conversation today about baby shoes...when do you start / or did you start putting them on your child.  they even have socks that look like shoes snickers.  i went on an internet search for interesting and unusual baby shoes i would enjoy for my child...boy or girl.  check it out...
Gwen Stefani clothing line Harajuku Lover 

Pirate Baby Shoes - giggles

Swarovski Black Heart Bling
Spunky Spider Shoes ( i love spiders :)
Little Harley Boots (closest i could find to mine)
Moon Boots...love them :)


Week 12 - Day 4 ~ sharing sharing and more sharing

how am i feeling:
still kicking....heading out to a step class in a bit!  went for a long walk with alan yesterday....what a nice "fall day" i guess i have to say though i would enjoy some warmer weather :)  im still tierd come 8-9 oclock at night but i cannot seem to sleep past 6:30 so i guess it all works out in the wash.  went to have my 12 week ultra sound on friday and saw the little one...amazing how much he/she has grown...wow (though remember they are really only between 2 and 3 inches :)  i have a 12 week obgyn appt. on monday for some measuring, blood, listening for the heartbeat, and such stuff....whoo hooo!

week 9

week 12


well today i have started off with some yummy heritage cereal....which ironically was also my dinner last night lol along with some crackers and cheese.  i was working on a grilled cheese with tomato but alas moldy bread...yuck.  not sure what lunch will bring but i am having dinner with the rents and alan some chicken with stuffing and salad i believe....not sure what else.  we are planning on telling the rents about the little one tonight....wish me luck :)


so i guess this is the week i am going to make it official with all members of my circle...starting with then rents...the "boss" and coworkers.  i am sure my mom will share it with the rest of the family!  i may call my sister and let her know or text her :)  i was trying to think of creative ways to share with my mom and dad but alas may just spit it out....i went searching on google and found some ideas from blogs.babliesonline.com :) i do have an ultrasound pic so i may frame it? not sure lol

  1. Wrap up and give them a picture frame with, instead of a photo, a note inside with a message ‘To be filled on (due date).’
  2. Share your vacation or other recent photos with relatives, but sneak a sonogram photo into the stack.
  3. Send a card to your parents that is aimed at grandparents, such as ‘Happy Birthday, Grandpa!’ and sign the message inside with Baby (lastname), coming on (due date).
  4. If you have a child already, have them wear a t-shirt or onesie that reads ‘I’m a big sister’ or I’m a big brother’ at a family function, and see who notices first.
  5. Place the positive home pregnancy test in a long bracelet or pen box, wrap it up and give it to your parents to open.
  6. Give your parents a pink and a blue balloon (or just a pink or a blue one, if you already know the gender of your baby), and let them try to figure out why.
  7. Bring over a bunch of pregnancy-related movies to watch together: ‘She’s Having a Baby,’ ‘Nine Months,’ ‘Father of the Bride 2,’ ‘Junior,’ ‘Knocked Up,’ etc. See if anyone catches on to the theme.
  8. If you’re the expecting mother, show up at a family function with a t-shirt that reads ‘Baby on Board,’ ‘Due in June (or the month you are due)’ or ‘Baby’ with an arrow pointing at your belly.
  9. Send or bring flowers – a bouquet of pink and blue flowers (or just pink and blue if you know the gender).
  10. Give parents a book on grand parenting, such as ‘Chicken Soup for the Grandparent’s Soul‘ or ‘That’s What Grandparents Are For.’


Week 11 - Day 7 ~ you want to suck my wee wee

how am i feeling:

feeling fabulous :)  went for a walk and to a spin class this morning and it felt great.  looking forward to a nice walk tomorrow.  it was truly beautiful outside today and that made me super happy...even ate lunch in the sun.  i'm really excited for my ultrasound this friday!  can't wait to see the little one :)


i figure that i really have to space out my meals and eat little ones like all day...snickers.  this morning i started with an english muffin...one side with butter the other with yummy southern strawberry jam and for an early morning snack had a bowl of kashi cereal super yummy.  let see mid morning snack some whole wheat ritz crackers....lunch some yogurt with a nectarine and granola bar.  i didn't have any afternoon snack so that made me a bit sad....i need to pack more food on long days.  for dinner i had a treat...night out with friends.  snacked on a combo of nachos, calamari, soup, and salad with steak and chicken....a great end to a great day!


i had something planned for this post but alas i forgot it.....hum...alan and i tried to remember but no luck....shrugs.  so lets see..oh wait i think i remember a conversation that is good to share.  if you are out there and you had a pacifier when you were a child...or you have a child with one now...what do you call it?  alan calls it a "fooler" which i thought was hysterical...as i have never heard it called a fooler in my life.  have you?  i guess it is technically fooling the child to think its a thumb?  i always heard it called a binkie but actually i don't think i used one as a child.  i was a thumb sucker...until the age of about 10.  my mom threatened me that i would need braces...however i never did.  i did a quick search to learn about other pacifier names and her are the top ten of ones i found interesting...

10. nuggle
 9. pluggerdoodle
 8. teetock
 7. pipe
 6. bo-bo
 5. assy (hum)
 4. ninny love
 3. nummy-nu-nar
 2. pluggy
 1. wee wee (really isn't that used for something else)

ps i think i may reconsider even using them.....much less calling them any of the above lol


Week 11 - Day 5 ~ a snoogle a day

how am i feeling:

some minor cramping today...nothing major....overall feeling great.  went to a step class today and love love loved it....i felt wonderful afterwards.  recently debating how i am going to pull through the winter months with clothing??? right now my pants fit everywhere but in the "belly" area snickers....though i am more bloated in the evenings but that is typical.  honestly i don't feel like stuffing myself like a sausage.  i would be more then happy in sweats and tshirts.  hum....may sport dresses and skirts with leggings the entire working winter or breakdown and look into maternity pants but honestly they all feel well itchy to me lol...we will see.


lets see today i had some yummy yummy yummy granola cereal mixed with heart to heart by kashi....gosh it hit the spot.  lunch an english muffin with butter and a naughty cookie that alan forced on me...lol dinner some chicken noodle soup and a half of chicken salad sandwich with lettuce and tomato.  snacks today included some honey roasted peanuts which were divine and some vanilla yogurt.  


alan and i watched the movie the backup plan with jennifer lopez last night and i became obsessed with the pillow she sleeps with...the pillow goes through a story of its own....but she just looked so super comfortable with it.  right now i have maneuvered numerous pillows on the bed to accompany my "belly" honestly between the breasts and tummy i don't want to sleep on my stomach it is just uncomfortable.  my side is the best with a pillow under my legs laying against my belly with my arm wrapped around it.  i have another pillow under my head and a third to rest my other arm on.  it does the trick for now....but for $64.97 i could have a snoogle....don't you want one smiles....


Week 11 - Day 3 ~ mongolia to tokyo

how am i feeling:

yesterday i went to the obgyn for a follow up to my fainting last week....she checked some vitals, talked with me about the episode, and was able to find the little one heartbeat....YAY....that was fun to hear :)  she also recommended some samples of another prenatal vitamins to give me a little more boost of fiber called Prenate Elite.  between that and the colace i should be feeling better lol.  though i did have another bad migraine yesterday afternoon that just continued to worsen as the night progressed...alan convinced me to take two tylenol and head to bed which helped immensely.  thank you alan!


we are honestly the oddest eaters....we haven't grocery shopped in 2 weeks and are really running on empty.  so well for breakfast i have some wheatibix cereal with soy milk and ive been trying to fit in a mid morning and mid afternoon snack also....maybe to keep my blood sugar up to stay away from any fainting. for my mid morning snack i had some peanuts and pretzels...for lunch a yogurt and granola bar....mid afternoon snack a bagel...and for dinner some soup (chicken noodle) and some chix and broccoli with rice. that was yesterday today i have started with wheatibix....i really do need to go shopping as i will have to purchase lunch out today lol :)


humm......so i was looking for a movie the other night to watch on itunes and noticed Everybody loves....BABIES which just came out in video.  I guess it was in the movies last year.  I will have to rent it as it looks really cute and follows the "baby" lives and cultures of four different babies in the world.  Ponijao in Opuwo, Namibia....Mari in Tokyo, Japan...Bayer in Bayanchandmani, Mongolia....and Hattie in San Francisco, California.  Check out the trailer...maybe i will rent it tonight.


Week 11 - Day 1 ~ someone catch me...


well alas it is that time of week again still holding strong at 134.... :)

how am i feeling:

i feel awesome....went for an hour walk this morning and ready to start my day.  i find that the nauseous feeling has really passed and my appetite is back and kicking :)  however....two days ago i ended up in the hospital (er) due to a fainting episode.  i was just standing having a conversation and bam.....my vision and hearing went and i was out.  lucky for me alan caught me but we felt it best to head to the er to make sure everything was okay.  after 6 hours of waiting, testing, blood, ekg's, ultrasounds i was discharged.  it was a long day....but i was able to see the little one again and that was fun.  everything is fine with him/her (we are convinced it is a her) and she/he has grown so much.  my new due date is my birthday...how fun!


eating in a home without a stove is always an adventure.  cereal or yogurt seems to be a favorite for breakfast.  snack around 10:30 watermelon...yum...lunch a nice salad with chicken and a granola bar...and for dinner who knows lets how not take out lol...actually heading out with a friend for something yummy i hope!!!


in regards to the fainting apparently it can be a side effect of pregnancy.....as the doctor put it "some pregnant woman are just fainters" lmao...i guess i am one of those women...snickers.  alas i have to run to work but hope to post tomorrow too since i have been mia for a few days....work has taken over :)


Week 10 - Day 3 ~ how will i get my belly home?

how do i feel:

im starting to feel less tired as the weeks move on.  i may be over the hump :)  i have cut my naps out...and force myself to stay up even when i am really sleepy.  going to bed early helps.  with work in full swing most of my energy is drained end of day.  i've been a really big fan of walking lately.  about 4 miles a day is a nice number for me.  it also makes my tummy feel good which is nice.  the doc says i may need to stop crunching and bouncing within the next couple weeks so i will have to supplement my exercise with some other things like walking :)  i really have this urge to start swimming....hum....wonders if they have a pregnancy water aerobics class....will have to check that out.


juice has been a good friend of mine.  i never liked orange juice before and now that is all i ever want to drink along with grapefruit and apple.  i have also found my appetite has increased and i am more interested in veggies, carrots, and salads then i was for a few weeks.  also sandwiches with tuna, turkey, or cheese make me very happy.  i have been craving peanut butter milk shakes....hum....may have to find me one :)


today i was reading an article about changes in hospital procedures from the past.  how you are required to bring the child home in a car seat where i was carried on my mothers lap.  in some states they have grants in place to provide car seats for parents who cannot afford them, in other states everyone receives one as an "extra" gift, but in some you need to have your own.  i don't really know the specific protocol here but i will of corse purchase one.  i did a drive by in walmart the other day looking at the "baby" section and i must say i am not a fan of all the pastel colors smirks.....i have done some online searching for ones that may work for me and my little one...the prices aren't bad but im an unclear about how long you use them.  it appears you use the infant seat for up to 20 lbs...maybe a year then you graduate to infant....not so bad :) i'm assuming you would stay with the same brand so you can convert easier to a toddler seat? anyone? still confused...oh well :)

$250  Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP
(what does all that mean LOL)

$130 Graco Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat

$140 Combi Shuttle Car Seat - Papaya

$400 Orbit Baby Car Seat
(i think this rotates and can be clipped in stroller..very high)

$250 Maddie's Closet
(just for the cover....oh my)