Week 35 - Day 6 ~ is that your head in my vajayjay

belly happenings:

back from our adventure down south!  of course it was full of adventure...plane rides, hot showers, and an unexpected visit from a yeast friend..yuck.  being pregnant comes with such wonderful moments lol.  the doc said to just take over the counter meds which cleared everything up :)  additionally today took a trip to the maternity ward due to lack of movement.  of course i am a worrier but everyone says better to check then to not....alas alan (the great sport he is) brought me in.  

basically, I had not felt any movement for about 24 hours though i was having cramping, pinching pains in the vaginal region, and frequent braxton hicks contractions.  they hooked me up to a monitor, and of course Gavin started to move and hiccup LOL, and ultrasound him...he is head down and ready to go.  the doctor also did a vaginal exam on me determining that i was 50% effaced, my cervix is soft, and Gavin's head is in zero position.  these are all great signs.....he is getting ready to come into the world and we cannot wait! YAY!

also....finished a draft of my birth plan to share with our doula and the doctors this week...check it out below and let me know if you have any suggestions!!!!  Thanks :)

Birth Plan for Gavin Alan

Labor Support:  I’ll be accompanied by my significant other Alan; as well as our Doula Maureen.  I would prefer not to have any other family and/or friends present till after bonding and first time breastfeeding. 

Environment:  I would like to try and keep the lighting dim and use music provided by my ipod and/or laptop when requested, to assist with providing a comfortable environment.

IV:  I would prefer to not have an IV unless deemed absolutely necessary.  I would also like to drink fluids and eat as long as acceptable.

Pain Relief:  I hope to deliver without drugs or interventions, and welcome help and encouragement to do so.  I would prefer that hospital staff kindly refrain from offering intervention unless requested.  If medication becomes necessary Alan or I will request it from staff.

Mobility:  I’d like to move around freely during labor and use the shower as a calming agent.

Birthing Tools: I would like to have a birthing ball in the room upon admittance if possible, and I would also like to use a squatting bar if requested.  During birth I would like to be free to try a variety of positions such as squatting and

Episiotomy:  I’d prefer a natural tear to an incision; and would also like to have warm compresses applied to the perineum at crowning.

C-Section:  I hope to avoid a c-section, but if one becomes necessary, I’d like to have Alan and Maureen stay with me.  I’d also like to see and hold the baby right afterwards.

Cord Cutting and Delivery:  I would like the cord to be drained into Gavin before it is cut if possible.  I would like Alan to assist with delivery (i.e. catch Gavin) and to cut the cord if at all possible.

Bonding:  I’d prefer to have skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth (for up to 2 hours if acceptable), and that non-emergency tests and procedures be delayed while Alan and I have time to bond with Gavin and I may attempt to breastfeed.  I would not like Gavin to have a Hepatitis B shot after birth.

Breastfeeding:  I plan to breastfeed, and assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.  Please do not give Gavin pacifiers or any supplemental bottles.  If he needs to feed and I am resting please wake me to do so.  


Week 35 - Day 1 ~ journey down south...in the us!

belly happenings:

hi ya'll :)  so i ended up on a last minute adventure this week.  as you may know it is vacation for some school teachers and i began this week with a weekend away with alan for our anniversary.  we had an amazing time full of memories and laughs.  on sunday as we journeyed home we came across an opportunity for a road trip down south about 1200 miles and a return flight home later in the week.  after calling the doc and checking a variety of resources we came to the conclusion that with frequent stops and walks on the plane all should go well.  some things to consider are blood clotting from extended sitting!  

currently i am sitting in a hotel in tennessee just chill-laxing and updating the blog.  took a pic in the room mirror to share...gosh i cannot believe gavin will be here soon...time has flown by!  i do look forward to returning to finish reading some stuff for him laundry, bedding, and packing "the bag" for the big day.  i also really need to work on my birth plan for the hospital and finish some paper work.  i hope to get that all done this weekend then back to work till the BIG day.  

some random things i'm thinking of in regards to a birth plan:

  • dim lighting
  • soft music / computer - ipod
  • warm compresses on the perineum during crowing
  • request that doctors/nurses do not offer intervention
  • no iv unless absolutely necessary
  • birthing ball
  • birthing bar
  • immediate skin to skin contact at birth
  • breast feeding as soon as child will latch
  • cord draining if possible
  • alan cutting the cord and assisting in delivery
...there are many others i will add them as they come to mind :) enjoy each moment and laugh often


Week 34 ~ baby shower

belly happenings:

last weekend was my baby shower....first off thank you SOOOOO much to all those fantastic people who attended.  it was such a wonderful day to share with many many close friends and family.  i feel so blessed to have you all in my life.  gavin is so lucky!!!  received many items from the registry and some very special homemade surprises.  games were to be had...prizes were won....and yummy food was eaten :)

one of my wonderful hosts :)

and the other.....love you both!

one baby belly meets the other :)


Week 33 - Day 5 ~ maternity photos

belly happenings:

how lucky am i to have a super talented friend who loves to take photos!!!  last weekend a close friend of mine came over and we did some maternity shoots....some alone....some with alan....it was such fun.  below are a select few i adore.  now i just need to figure out how i will display some of them...hum....anyone have a great idea?  btw if you are interested in learning more about the photographer check out his website at www.webber digital.com


Week 33- Day 1 ~ jiffy pop

belly happenings: 

i have just gotten over a cold that made me feel not so happy.  lucky for me alan was kind enough to acquire me a neti pot....not only that he helped me use it.  isn't he the best!  there were many exciting things that have happened over the past couple days including alan getting his first and (only! - as he says) tattoo.  poor thing!  however though he was nervous...he managed to get through like a trooper.  let me tell you it is beautiful and i believe that he will embrace the moments of it in time :) thank you scott....btw check out his site at: www.scottbruns.com

additionally alan also finally introduced me to jiffy pop :)  as you may remember a while back i noted that he enjoys referring to me as a jiffy pop....silly boy!  so gavin and i got to experience the real thing in our kitchen.  not only was it yummy....it was very fun to watch :)

and a shout out to dunkin donuts...thanks for the memories!


32 Weeks - 3 days ~ photos, showers, and yoga oh my

belly happenings:

the belly and i have had a crazy week....with lots to share :)

  • saturday - maternity photos with our favorite photographer :)  full of laughter and spontaneous moments...we cannot wait to see them.  Though be low is a preview...it is a photo of a framed photo off my phone and transferred to black and white....so just a taste :)  i cannot wait to see more!

  • sunday - alan and i had our first session of partner yoga!  it was fantastic...and we committed to a doula for birthing which is also wonderful!  feeling so excited to meet little gavin and share this amazing world with him.  also it was my shower day....also super exciting and fun.  so many wonderful people came out to share.  big thank you to everyone...it ment so much.  hopefully i will have some pics to follow also.

  • tuesday/wednesday - unfortunately baby class was cancelled due to the weather but it will extend an extra week.  today i had my 32 doc appointment and everything looks great...measurements...weight...and all :)

  • thursday - plan to attend newborn class at the hospital if i am feeling any better...right now a cold has the best of me. 
32 weeks and counting :)