38 weeks ~ this is why i gallop at work

belly happenings:

how amazing that I am sitting at 38 weeks.....with only "technically" 2 to go...hummmm i wonder!
for a few days I was having contractions that were about 15 to 10 minutes apart with some mild cramping and sharp tinges of pain in the "down there" region.  most likely from little gavin pushing his head down there...silly boy.  he has been going through really active and passive stages.  my instinct says he is ready but patiently waiting.  alan and I have been taking some long walks which appears to increase his dropped position and cause mild contractions.  according to a variety of sources there are many things you can do to push labor along...who knows if any of it is true lol.  here are some I enjoy taken from another fun blog www.hisboyscanswim.com

1. Walking
2. Galloping (huh? See video below)
3. Acupuncture
4. Pressure points
5. Spicy foods
6. Sex and orgasms
7. Nipple stimulation
8. Pineapple
9. Dancing
10. Squatting
11. Relaxing
12. Meditation and/or visualization
13. Evening primrose oil
14. Red raspberry leaf tea
15. Castor oil
16. Herbs (such as black and blue cohosh)
17. Massage
18. Glass of wine (Consult your doctor!)
19. Stripping the membranes
20. Marching up stairs
21. Rent a sad movie and cry like crazy
22. A really bumpy car ride
23. Bouncing and stretching on a birth or exercise ball
24. Swimming
25. Mowing lawn or picking weeds
26. Jump on a swing and start swinging
27. Talk to your baby and tell him/her it’s OK to come out now
28. Watch a really funny movie and laugh until you pee
29. Get down on all fours and shake that booty

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