Week 36 - Day 5 ~ will it pop

belly happenings:

the belly has been very happy lately!!!!  full of moment and excitement!  i cannot wait to see Gavin and begin my life as his momma.  i feel so blessed each day to have so many wonderful people in my life.  Alan has been such a great support system to me....in my manic times....in my times where i feel overwhelmed....I owe him many thank you's and blessings.

on the home front things are coming together:

washed laundry for baby Gavin ....check
ordered some last minute supplies ....check (changing pad covers, car seat cover, mattress pad...)
checked bathing and diapering supplies ...check
paperwork to hospital ...check
birth plan ....check
baby room ...check 

and as an additional bonus my belly button is starting its big journey out lol
i wonder if it will get there or not....the ring may hold it back :)

will it pop or not?

happy 36 weeks and counting :)

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