Week 35 - Day 1 ~ journey down south...in the us!

belly happenings:

hi ya'll :)  so i ended up on a last minute adventure this week.  as you may know it is vacation for some school teachers and i began this week with a weekend away with alan for our anniversary.  we had an amazing time full of memories and laughs.  on sunday as we journeyed home we came across an opportunity for a road trip down south about 1200 miles and a return flight home later in the week.  after calling the doc and checking a variety of resources we came to the conclusion that with frequent stops and walks on the plane all should go well.  some things to consider are blood clotting from extended sitting!  

currently i am sitting in a hotel in tennessee just chill-laxing and updating the blog.  took a pic in the room mirror to share...gosh i cannot believe gavin will be here soon...time has flown by!  i do look forward to returning to finish reading some stuff for him laundry, bedding, and packing "the bag" for the big day.  i also really need to work on my birth plan for the hospital and finish some paper work.  i hope to get that all done this weekend then back to work till the BIG day.  

some random things i'm thinking of in regards to a birth plan:

  • dim lighting
  • soft music / computer - ipod
  • warm compresses on the perineum during crowing
  • request that doctors/nurses do not offer intervention
  • no iv unless absolutely necessary
  • birthing ball
  • birthing bar
  • immediate skin to skin contact at birth
  • breast feeding as soon as child will latch
  • cord draining if possible
  • alan cutting the cord and assisting in delivery
...there are many others i will add them as they come to mind :) enjoy each moment and laugh often

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